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Hercules Goes is a certified Listing Agent, Buyer's Agent and First Time Home Buyer Specialist. Complimented for his attentiveness and ability to price properties correctly for a quick sale, Hercules listens carefully to his client’s needs.

Hercules’ passion about servicing people stems back to his military background where he was taught to put other people’s needs first before his own - and this is one important aspect that he brings to his business model.

Fueled by his desire to provide a better life for his family, his wife Angela, daughter Valentina and newborn son Isaiah, he is determined to achieve his goal for himself and for his clients.

Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, he can provide service to a wide range of clients who is looking for a professional and determined REALTOR like himself.

If you would like to work with him, please reach out via email or phone.

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Professional Realtors, 24/7 office access, full support from management/compliance, on-staff transaction coordinators, and top of the line free snacks. The fact that the agents operate on a flat fee basis per transaction truly allows them to operate their own business freely and creatively; which ultimately benefits the client and their escrow at hand. Janet and Annie have been nothing but supportive in everything I want to do with my business. Janet is always coming up with a list of vendors that will help us grow our business, new training material, scheduling training events. If you are currently a realtor and looking for a new brokerage to truly grow your business - I highly encourage you to come check us out. Come see what our business model is about, how we are changing the real estate industry, and how you could save more money for what really matters to you. If you are currently in the market to buy, sell, develop, invest - I highly encourage you to give me a call :) see what tools and resources I have access to by being a United Real Estate realtor to better serve you and accomplish your real estate goals.

- David C (YELP)

I love United Real Estate LA! I've found an incredible support team of knowledgeable professionals who are truly invested in the success of each agent. In addition, I've found advanced technology provided by a company that understands the unique agent-client needs in a dynamic and rapidly changing real estate environment. The old way of buying and selling homes no longer serves the best interest of a client, and I'm glad I've found a brokerage that is moving and growing with the times.

- Mary A. (YELP)




This is my second transaction with Hercules Goes, but this time my wife and I were the buyers. We had been looking for a property in Madison Heights for a literally years. It's a beautiful neighborhood and the market is extremely competitive. We have stayed in good touch with Hercules over the years. The same day I noticed the property pop up on Redfin, I received an alert from his mailing list. Long story short, we viewed the property, talked it over, strategized, talked it over more, and more, and made our offer. We were shocked when our offer was accepted and began the long escrow process. Escrow is a lot of work and not always pleasant, but Hercules was there for us to answer questions, explain the what's, why's, and how's that came up. He even helped us with a last minute contingency that required removing bars from the bedroom window with his own two hands. Overall, we are very happy with the property and know that we could not have done it without Hercules. Always professional and always smiling, he's a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend his services. It goes without saying, we would work with Hercules again.

- Donald Mullane (RateMyAgent)

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